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Future Plans

Heroes of Freedom Farm plans for the future are to capture more of the Chicagoland Veteran population struggling from their service-time experiences. By utilizing the current activities and expanding the programs to include additional equine activities and education, peaceful places to gather to bond, opportunities to express themselves through dance, mediation and art activities. We would like to concentrate on providing a well rounded Female Only program where they can practice good self care.

Equine Activity Program Goals

Staffing and Educational Goals

Female Only Self Care Program Goals

Other Opportunities

Equine Activity Program Goals:

  • To properly bring electric, water and heated therapeutic intervention year-round in the therapy barn
  • Adapt the indoor facility with ADA compliant entrances and restroom facilities
  • Add an additional horse (riding) to the program to expand activities to include riding and to have the opportunity for more individual interactions
  • Obtain a golf cart to transport clients with physical restraints around the property
  • Expand our outdoor sand arena to provide space close to the therapy barn with bleachers for viewing, training and education.

Staffing and Educational Goals:

  • We need to continue to be on the forefront of Equine Facilitated Learning by completing PATH and EAGALA Certifications.  Our goal is to begin the Riding Instructor courses to offer a additional learning opportunities for our clients.  Attending conferences and networking is key to this success.
  • Contracting with other professionals in the mental health and healing world (independent LCSW/Yoga/Nutritionist) will enhance our programming.


Female Only Self-Care Program:

  • Our mission is to provide a safe space for all military women to share their stories, connect women to complementary healing services, and to build a sisterhood of support and advocacy for military women’s unique needs.
  • Practicing good self-care is an important part of the healing process.  Replenishing your body and mind through self-care enhances their ability to positively cope with PTSD. Good self-care includes navigating their daily challenges they face in a healthful way.
  • Physical Self-Care: physical activity, eat healthy & get plenty of rest.
  • Social Self-Care: spending time with loved ones, peer support groups, not isolating
  • Spiritual Self-Care: practice mindfulness activities, pray, meditate, volunteer, and connect with nature, animals


Other Opportunities:

Our property provides ample space to create programs to enhance the lives of our Veterans.  We are situated in a rural, farming community and are currently exploring:

  • A Community Garden maintained by Veterans and their Families
  • Partner with national and local Veterans Farming programs
  • Veteran focused Housing Counseling
  • Or create interim housing options